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Special thanks to our dear Belgian supporters!

Friends and 10-year witnesses of Marta&Boris

Dear Belgian Friends!

We can't thank enough your generous support for the animals at our shelter. But we can tell you how much we appreciate it!
We know, that your friendship to Marta&Boris worths indescribably more to them than it could be ever expressed in money, and we believe that was also a reason for them to choose this option over traditional gifting.

Let us tell you a bit more of the dogs you can see on your thank you cards! :)

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Left top: Dakota and her puppies were found abandoned next to a road in the countryside. She is lovely, a bit shy and was a great mom to her babies. Now she is scheduled for neutering. She and her 2 puppies are looking for adoption. Her sons are Sheriff and "Cop".

Top line, next to Dakota: Thomas, who is adopted by a Hungarian woman living in Belgium with her family. This adoption was arranged and can be thanked to Marta. :) Thomas got into our shelter when he was a small puppy, and he was diagnosed with esophageal stenosis. It required special feeding, and thanks to the gentle curing, he could heal from the disease. Now he can eat normally.

Under Thomas: Iron. <3 He was found with huge wounds. He was hit several times by a strong, probably iron rod. His jaw was hit through with that rod, and also his chest was ruptured by that iron, and after the operation we took him his healing lasted for months. That's why he got this name, Iron. And because he is so strong like iron, and he still loves humans. We really cannot understand how he can still trust people... But he can and he is a perfect dog. He is also looking for adoption.

Under Dakota: Negra, she is a perfect personality, a lovely, sweetheart whos back is paralyzed. But we bought her wheelchairs, and take her regurarly to acupuncture and phisiotherapy to keep her health on the best possible level. She loves all other creatures, from cats through dogs till humans. We are not actively looking for an adopter for her, because to have a paralyzed dog requires even more knowledge and patience, presence. But if a perfect candidate ever turns up, we will be happy to know her in a great family of her own.

Under Negra: Borsó (Pea), she was a really sweet and lucky girl, rescued from a short chain, and found a forever home just a few months after her rescue. We always take to the vet for full check and recovery the rescued dogs, give them microchips, vaccination and neutering them. She was in an advertisement later with her new family. :)

Under Iron: Bobby. This huge teddybear was found on a field, half-dead. His head was hit and cut open by a sharp object. His nervous system was also injured and besides the wound we have to heal this problem as well, which goes soooooooooooo slowly. But we trust in future, and he is better every day, in hen steps... He loves the puppies, let them be around him, but doesn't stand the older males.

Under Bobby: Debra. You can see how she was when we rescued her, and next to it, how she looked when got adopted. She was rescued with her sister, Dorko. Both emaciated, with hair deficiency, weakened. Dorko was adopted by a young dentist, and Debra stayed at our shelter. Nobody was interested in Debra for a year after Dorko got a forever home. So one year later the dentist came back and adopted Debra too. So now the 2 sisters can be together forever. <3

Top line, middle, with the 'LOVE' sign, her majesty Ms Csutkarozi personally. :) She is the denominator of the shelter, rescued from a dog pond. She is a forever inhabitant and Andrea's own dog. Also on the pic with Lysandros.

Middle: Cherry. She and her two sisters were found together, they were only a few weeks old. She and Cherokee have found a forever home already, both at families whom had already adopted a dog from us earlier. Their third sister, Charity, a little black female pup is still looking for a family.

Under Cherry you can see a group photo of our most active volunteers, the occasion for that gathering was not only to help around the dogs and cats, but also to celebrate Andrea's birthday in august.

Above the group pic and next to Cherry: Yoko - Juno. She was rescued from a really bad reputation area of Hungary, her head was cut open, almost the same way as Bobby's, with a sharp object. She was just a small puppy when that happened to her. We healed her, and she is adopted by his Majesty Iain Lindsay, the Ambassador of Great-Britain in Hungary and his family. We named her Yoko, but at the Ambassador's her new name is Juno. You can find many updates and stories of her at the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account of the Ambassador. So from the worst place she could move to the best with our help. :)

Above Lysandros and Csutkarozi, you can see Dimitris with two small yorkshire terriers, Boriska and Paris, rescued from a cruel breading farm, where they were forced to give birth to puppies twice a year, and they lived in small cages in their whole life. Now they are both much better, gained weight and they are adopted by really nice people.

Right top corner: Tumpi (Tompi), a shar-pei mix male, who was hit by a car, or truck. His leg had to be operated, and he gets healing, getting better, got neutered and looking for a forever home now.

Under Tumpi: Charity, the sister of the pinto Cherry. Charity who is still looking for adoption, a lovely little girl, who loves to dig, and play. :) Their mother was probably a spaniel, so she won't be bigger than spaniel-size.

Under Charity, right bottom corner: Tabácsi, who got his name after Dimitris' wisecrack baby talk - 'there is the old man'. Tabácsi's owner gave him to a dog pond, at the age of 12+. He was neglected, he didn't have any teeth, his joints were in terrible condition. We took him to several healings, and an operation too, and after a few months, the miracle happened, someone fell in love with him, and adopted him. So for his last years he can live in a real, loving family, with owners who won't gave him to a pond just because he is old...

So as you can see, many different stories, many different lives, many different fates. And we can help them with the support of people, like you.

Your donation really saves lives, and makes lives better.

Thank you!